Inspirations from Copenhagen – Charlottenhaven

Designers and planners never work on their own, they always look for various inspirations. And these can be found literally everywhere! One can get inspired while looking out of the window of the bus when going to work in the morning, on a weekend trip, longer journey, or even while taking a fresh look at a common object or composition, seen every day in a courtyard.

I was very lucky to participate in Socrates Erasmus student exchange programme in the academic year 2011/2012. I and my friend went to Denmark to study landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen for one semester. We used bikes to travel anywhere (as most of the people in CPH 🙂 ) and had a great opportunity to stop to take a picture whenever we saw something interesting. Sometimes we planned bike trips to a place we wanted to visit – Charlottenhaven, for instance.

Charlottenhaven is a housing development on the north-east of the city, famous for a splendid design of the area between the buildings, where diverse grass taxas are used. The grasses emphesize soft and wavy lines of the area shape in an excellent way. They provide a  nice, cosy space, where people can sit on wooden benches and rest. Another interesting feature of the grasses is a sound of wind in their leaves and inflorescences, which is very soothing.

Have a look at pictures presenting Charlottenhaven:



całość3  wejscie

ławki  plac zabaw1

plac zabaw2  trawy1

trawy2  trawy3


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