Showing the beauty of unknown, hidden places

I would like to show you the beauty and extraordinariness of a place unknown and forgotten by people.


I spent the last few days in a wonderful place in the Bialskie Mountains, located in the south-west of Poland, along the border with the Czech Republic. The mountains are rather low – the highest peak (Rudawiec) is 1109 m above the sea level. When I was a teenager, I used to travel to Bielice, a small and lovely village at the foot of the Bialskie Mountains, very often – a couple of times a year, with my parents. It was them, who discovered this gorgeous spot. Then I had a long break in visiting these areas. A few days ago I returned there and I was very positively surprised finding out, that nothing had changed. I am very happy I could wander in the marvellous nature once again.

Going to the Płoska Peak (1035 m above the sea level).The true Misty Mountains!


 Pseudevernia furfuracea lichen on the branches of spruce


Luzula luzuloides grass


Mosses and Cladonia sp. lichens on dead wood



Flat peak of the Czernica Mountain (1083 m above the sea level)


The Sucha Col (1002 m above the sea level)


The misty forests





Rivers and streams running through the woods


DSCF3596logo DSCF3601logo

The Sycamore Forest (Puszcza Jaworowa)

DSCF3631logo DSCF3634logo

The Forest of Śnieżna Białka (Puszcza Śnieżnej Białki), the forest of high environmental value

DSCF3637logo DSCF3639logo

Some enormous, splendid trees in the Forest of Śnieżna Białka (sycamore and beech)

DSCF3640logo DSCF3635logo

The Płoszczyna Col


Me having fun on the way to the Kowadło Peak (989 m above the sea level); actually Kowadło lies in the Złote Mountains – the mountain range located on the other side of Bielice


Approaching Kowadło (with my dog)


The Kowadło Peak (989 m above the sea level) – in Czech Kovadlina 🙂


My dog enchanted by the breathtaking view on the Czech mountains, from the rocks near the Kowadło Peak


Rowans and beeches growing on the slopes of Kowadło

DSCF3698logo DSCF3693logo

Rock lichens


A flowering rowan


The Bialskie Mountains is definitely a place where one can restore and forget about everyday troubles. While roaming through their woods, we barely met other tourists. A nice short holiday 😀 Enjoy your week!


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