Adventure Park at Wrocław Opatowicka Island

The Opatowicka Island in my home city Wrocław offers a nice opportunity for people who like excercising high above the ground. I’m a big fan of such challenges and I have been there a few times. I visited the Adventure Park past Sunday as well – and would like to show you some photos 🙂 Have fun!

The Opatowicka Island on the Odra riverImage


A part of the Park for little kidsImage

There are 6 tracks in the Adventure Park  altogether- the Monkey and the Groundhog are the easiest, the Squirrel and the Woodpecker are medium, while the Gorilla and the Panther are the most difficult ones. Most of the obstacles are hung 3-10 m above the ground.

People, who come to the Adventure Park are provided with special equipment, like ropes and snap-hooks. Then they are carefully instructed by the professionally trained stuff, how to behave while overpassing the obstacles.

Some of the obstacles, located above 3-10 m above the groundImage



The most difficult track is called the Panther (in Polish it’s Pantera). The highest platform is 17 m above the ground! That’s something for the bravest 😉Image

Climbing the PantherImage


The huge oaks used in the ParkImage



It’s really high!Image

In the treetops! 😀


A great idea for a weekend 😀Image


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