Fashion is definitely a new area of my interests.

As a teenager I was a total fashion ignorant. I wasn’t interested in clothes at all. What really  concerned me was sport activities, mountiains, music and botany. As I grew older, the situation began to change and I started to pay attention to choosing clothes. My Mum started this process, as she used to save my teenage look many times by advising me, what should I wear. She is a lucky woman, who has a real gift – I don’t know how this is possible, but she looks perfect in almost anything she puts on.

My blog from the very beginning was meant to be “multidisciplinary” as I couldn’t choose just one subject, which I would like to write about. That is why notes concerning fashion shall appear here from time to time – among posts about landscape architecture and nature, which are my chief areas of interest.

I’m presenting here the pattern, which I like very much for months – dots. Most of the elements building this set were found on this summer sales.


 The light apricot colour was combined with white and beige as well as with black/dark garnet (belt and shoes). Red colour on nails spices the whole.





The pictures were taken in Wrocław Old-Town Garden near the Puppet Theater by my friend Zosia Wypychowska.


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