Denim, necklace and squirrels

I live near a park, where you can find many squirrels. I guess people always liked feeding them, but now I see it has become even more popular than ever, that’s why these little rodents are so tamed. They themselves run to the people walking in the park, demand nuts and they are not afraid of anything, even big dogs. Watching the squirrels running here and there, so fast and agile, is very gripping and interesting, people have a lot of fun, but – as in any other situation, you musn’t overdo here. It turns out that too well nourished ginger creatures have too much energy to spend – and they nose about birds’ nests taking their eggs. On my walk I gave two very vigorous squirrels a couple of walnuts and that’s it. They are perfectly able to survive autumn and winter without our help.

As for my outfit, I present a denim combination number two, as I’m truly fond of denim. I set a shirt and a skirt with a fur vest and a cap (both elements from the last season) and a black jacket (which I found really irreplaceable while I stayed in Copenhagen during autumn and winter two years ago and had to go to the university, shop..literally everywhere by bike every day :)). In this outfit thick, white gloves and gaiters are important too, as in my opinion they are perfect for the autumn and winter – not only warming you up, but also looking great. I added here a very original necklace and a wine scarf.

Have a nice Sunday 🙂











Jacket, scarf and tights – Tchibo,
Vest, skirt and gaiters- Bershka,
Shirt- Stradivardius,
Boots and necklace – Promod,
Cap – Kapp Ahl.
The necklace:

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