I have a couple of ideas how to wear tartan elements and today I’m presenting one of them. Tartan is definitely the main part of this outfit, but I hope I didn’t emphasized it too much. Here you go – a tartan coat, which I’ve been wearing for 8 years (really :)) and it is still in a good condition, a tartan skirt, elements of tartan inside the boots and modified tartan on a floss-bracelet (made by me :)). I added the black colour on a hat, bag and polo neck, and, so the combination doesn’t look too dark, light elements – warm sweater and gaiters (which you know from this post). I wish you a good week! 😀







Coat and polo neck: Zara;

Sweater and gaiters: Bershka;

Skirt and bag: Stradivarius;

Hat: Reserved;

Shoes: CCC;

Ear-rings: I have them that long (over 10 years) that I can’t remember where I bought them

Floss-bracelet: Aldaneldor 🙂


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