Remembering the summer time – a trip to the Lapwing Lake

I came across a few pictures, which I took last summer, in September, during a week spent by Polish Baltic sea. In spite of uncertain weather, we went on two long trips to the lakes – The Czajcze Lake (The Lapwing Lake) and The Turkusowe Lake (The Turquoise Lake). I am showing you some photos of the Lapwing Lake in this post. The pictures from the second excursion I will present in the following note.

The green route to the Lapwing Lake starts in Międzyzdroje and leads through the thick woods, the gorgeous beech forests among the others.


While passing through the village of Warnowo you can admire a beautiful, old orchard, very picturesque especially on a September, rainy day.


Among the old, fruit species, there grows a huge Thuja plicata tree in the orchard. It is 120 years old and 25 m high.


From the Warnowo village it is quite close to the Lapwing Lake. Its shores are thickly covered with trees, shrubs and fallen logs, therefore, it’s difficult to reach the water. But, on the other hand, such landscape makes the trip more attractive, particulary because, due to various obstacles, you can easily loose track! 😀


The beaver’s work!


The Lapwing Lake is situated amongst the forests of the Woliński National Park. The shoreline has a shape of a crossaint. The Lapwing Lake is the largest of all the Park’s lakes, it is 77,64 ha big and 3 m deep on average.


In the middle of the lake there lies a small cape, where the green track leads. In the XIX century this cape was an island. After the second world war the ruins of the medieval stronghold were there discovered. Nearby a huge boulder sticks out of the lake. It was transported by a glacier from the areas of today’s Scandinavia 12 000 years ago. People say, that on sunny days otters bask in the sun on its surface – that’s why it is called the Otter Boulder (Wydrzy Głaz).


At the end of the trip I found a tiny lizard and managed to take a picture of it 🙂



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